Lugansk communist: Kiev officials will answer for non-payment of pensions

April 18: Kiev officials will be held responsible for non-payment of pensions to residents of Donbass. This opinion was expressed by Secretary of Lugansk Regional Committee of the Communist Party Ekaterina Popova.

Ekaterina Popova
“A situation where the opinion of officials is given priority over the Constitution cannot be considered normal. Ukrainian ministers who refuse to pay pensions to residents of Donbass must understand that they are violating the basic law of the state. And sooner or later they will answer before the courts for such actions,” said the Communist.

She also added that nowhere in Europe are officials allowed such a free attitude to the letter of the Constitution. 

“It’s hard to imagine that anywhere in Europe, which Ukraine is so eager to be integrated with, someone could make statements such as those made ​​ in Ukraine today. The existing provisions of the Constitution are not a subject for discussion, they are not advisory in nature, so that every minister can speculate whether they ‘should or should not’ comply with them,” commented Popova.

Recall that recently two Ukrainian ministers — Vadym Chernysh and Andrey Reva — said they considered it necessary to resume payment of pensions to residents of Donbass in territory outside Ukraine’s control, but Vice-Premier Pavlo Rozenko later categorically rejected such a possibility.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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