Tkachenko’s ideas live in struggle against oligarch regime: Moldovan political prisoners

On April 7, 2016, at a rally in Chisinau, Moldova, dedicated to the 115th birth anniversary of communist revolutionary Pavel Tkachenko, statements were read from two of the Petrenko Group political prisoners, members of the Red Bloc.

Monument of Pavel Grigorchuk in Bender, Transnistria.
Nahia Sanzo

Pavel Grigorchuk

I warmly welcome all gathered today at the place where, almost 90 years ago, our ideological comrade Pavel Tkachenko was brutally murdered. Unfortunately, the Plahotniuc regime today prevents me and my comrades, Grigory Petrenko, Alexander Roshko, Michael Amerberg, Vladimir Zhuratu and Andrei Druzy from attending this commemoration in honor of the 115th anniversary of Pavel Tkachenko, because after six months in prison the regime continues to keep us under house arrest. But Pavel Tkachenko’s feats are immortal, so the memory of it can be stored in your heart at any time and in any place. To remember and think of it is something that the fascist regime of the oligarchs cannot prevent. 
Pavel Grigorchuk
Remembering Pavel Tkachenko, we of course also have to remember the feats of his contemporaries: Josif Buzhor, Samuel Bubnovsky, Ion Dichesku, Haya Lifshitz, Andrei Lupan, Boris Golban, Ion Yakir, Olga Banchik, Grigory Staryy, Ion Vetrile and many others, who struggled for the liberation of Moldova from Romanian occupation, and many others who paid with their lives in this sacred struggle.

As a young man, Pavel Tkachenko managed to leave his heroic name in the history of Moldova, as a true revolutionary, a true patriot and a true Bolshevik. Pavel Tkachenko is a true example for modern young men and women who are not indifferent to the fate of their homeland and want to change it for the better. Of course, over time, the methods and conditions of the struggle have changed. But all the same, in some ways we can draw an analogy between today and the period of the Romanian occupation of 1918-1940.

The occupation by royal Romania, of course, was more rigorous than the current regime of Plahotniuc. However, because of this the dictatorship of the oligarchs does not cease to be a dictatorship. Like 90 years ago, it is possible to fight for the liberation of the country only by those methods in which the ruling junta is weak. And the weakness of the current government is that it is illegitimate, it is not recognized by most of society, and is hated by the majority of the people.

And, just as in the days of Pavel Tkachenko, in the context of illegality and surveillance by the Royal Secret Service, the methods of struggle were workers’ strikes, strikes and even insurrections in individual regions, such as the Khotyn, Bendery or Tatarbunary uprisings, in our time the methods of combating Plahotniuc may be nationwide protests and massive popular disobedience of the puppet regime of the oligarchs.

In such important historic milestones, I believe the role of youth is particularly important. So today’s youth, in the context of the total discrediting of the political class of the country, must assume the duty of the country’s liberation from the oligarchs and radical right! Otherwise, through indifference to politics and indifference to country, we dishonor the memory of Pavel Tkachenko, and for us — his ideological followers — that would be unforgivable.

Glory to the heroes of the Bolshevik underground! Glory to Moldova!


Alexander Roshko

My dear comrades, friends, countrymen!

Unfortunately, at the behest of the Plahotniuc-controlled courts, I don’t have the opportunity to speak to you personally, because I am still under arrest, although at home, on trumped-up charges.

Alexander Roshko
115 years have passed since the birth of an outstanding fighter against injustice, the legendary revolutionary Pavel Tkachenko, a man who gave his life in the struggle for what’s right.

Over the years, our long-suffering land has undergone a lot — the Romanian occupation, the horrors of war, the coming to power of so-called “democracy” after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and today’s “Democrats,” whose regime is little different than the militarism of the Romanian monarchists.

But as then, today there are oppressed and oppressors, executioners and victims. History is cyclical, it’s hard to dispute.

On this day in 2009, in downtown Chisinau, something indescribable happened – an orgy of obscurantism. Pogroms, fires, maddened crowds, smashing the parliament and presidential palace – revealed the true face of the current regime, unfortunately confirmed after early elections in July 2009. A regime that flies into a rage every day, virtually destroying Moldovan statehood, encouraging unionist marches and propaganda, at the same time punishing the Moldovan people by raising prices and tariffs to unimaginable limits.

But! In addition to the oppressed and the oppressors, in addition to the executioners and the victims, today, as then, there are those who are not willing to tolerate it, there are those who struggle against the hated regime, even at the price of their own freedom. Those who are not afraid to call things by their right names, those who are not afraid to challenge the anti-people regime.

On the 115th anniversary of the birth of Pavel Tkachenko, it is safe to say that the ideas for which he fought, and for which he gave his life, are alive today, these ideas have followers today, and people are willing to fight for these ideas today. Because these ideas are immortal!


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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