Moscow: Protest against modern-day fascism from Latvia to Ukraine

Fascism shall not pass!
“Riga – Kiev – Nuremberg”
Wednesday, March 16 at 16.00
Rally at the Embassy of Latvia in Moscow (Str. Chaplygin, 3)
against the march of SS Legionnaires in Riga


On Wednesday, March 16, 2016, at 16.00, in front of the Latvian Embassy in Moscow (str. Chaplygin, 3), a rally will be held against the neo-Nazi march of SS Legionnaires in Riga.

Every year, the Latvian authorities permit a march of veterans of the Latvian Legion of the SS and their neo-Nazi supporters in the center of Riga. The procession is dedicated to March 16, 1944, when volunteer Latvian SS units took part in the fighting against Soviet troops near Pskov.

These so-called “volunteer units” — Latvian SS divisions — in the occupied territories were engaged in punitive operations against the civilian population. Current Latvian state propaganda calls one of the worst death camps — the “Kurtengoff” concentration camp, near the town Salaspils – a “labor camp.”

EU authorities have made it a rule not to notice the brown [fascist] spots on the body of Europe. In Latvia (the only country in the EU among the Baltic states), they pretend not to notice the institution of “non-citizen” status for the Russian-speaking population.

Following the protocol established by European politicians during the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, they point-blank ignore the massive punitive operation by the Kiev authorities against the residents of Donbass.

They are ready to shed “crocodile tears” for liberal values, saying “Je suis Charlie” with a straight face, while walking hand in hand with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who sheds the blood of the Ukrainian people.

They hold “donkey-ride” celebrations of European democracy while ignoring the march of Nazi war criminals in Riga, Latvia. As in the 1930s, the applause of European politicians about the triumph of European civilization covers the sound of Nazi marches and exploding bombs.

Participants of the antifascist rally, on the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War, will stand against the falsification of history, against the rehabilitation of fascism and its crimes.

We believe that the rehabilitation of these criminals will lead to new crimes.

We demand a new international tribunal for the crimes of modern Nazism in Ukraine and the apartheid regime in Latvia.

Our demands:

“Fascism shall not pass!”
“Riga – Kiev – Nuremberg!”
“Death to fascism! Death to capitalism! “
“No revisionism of the results of the Second World War!”
“No rehabilitation of fascist crimes!”

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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