Komsomol joins campaign for school libraries in Lugansk

March 11: The Komsomol of Lugansk will take an active part in the campaign “Books in the Service of Peace,” which began throughout the whole territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic. The goal of this campaign is to collect fiction, which will be donated to the school libraries of the Republic.

This was reported by the leader of the Young Communist League of Lugansk, Anna Brekhova. 

“Today, our schools face many problems, and replenishment of the library fund is one of them. You may recall that before the war the campaign of Bookcrossing [leaving books in public spaces for others to read] gained popularity in the city, but now we face challenges that, on one hand, are not as fashionable, but on the other, are much more important. 

“Collecting books for schools, we all invest in the future of the city and the Republic. After all, a book is not only knowledge and the development of thought, it is also an introduction to global human values. A person raised with the right books will never become a fascist and would not go out and kill, but will preserve peace and appreciate life. These are the values ​​that make a great person,” Anna Brekhova said of the initiative.
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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