Workers’ Party of Donbass founded in Donetsk

On February 23, 2016, the founding conference of the Workers’ Party of Donbass was held in Donetsk. 

As a result of the far-right coup in Ukraine, ultra-nationalist and neoliberal politicians came to power, which led to a split in Ukrainian society and the aggravation of class antagonisms. The nationalist policy of aggression and continued market reforms by the government caused discontent and resistance by the working people of Donbass.

In response to the people’s protests and rejection, the criminal Ukrainian “government” used the army to suppress popular indignation, actually starting a war against the civilian population of our region. Communists and class-conscious workers of Donbass have taken a notable part in the resistance to neo-Nazi aggression, and have consistently opposed the military and socio-economic crimes of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis and bourgeoisie.

The old parliamentary left parties were unable to lead and organize the grassroots protests due to internal conflicts and intrigues, so ordinary Communists and labor activists were forced to take part individually in the struggle for the formation and development of the new People’s Republics.

Understanding the problem of fragmentation of activists and seeing the unabated intrigues among the left-wing political organizations which have replaced the Communist Party and the Socialist Party in the country, a number of comrades decided to organize a Republican political force that could unite the scattered communist and workers’ movement in the Donbass. 

The meeting began with words of greeting from Comrade Aleksandr Smekalin in honor of Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army Day and Defenders of the Fatherland Day.

At the beginning of the meeting, several solidarity messages were read from the Communist and Workers’ movement in Russia and from Workers World Party in the United States.

Worker-activists and communists of Donbass made ​​a number of proposals and discussed the current socio-economic situation in the world and in Donbass.

During the congress discussion, a majority of participants voted to work toward the formation of a political party, setting goals and objectives.

It was decided to form a working group to work on the party statutes, and an organizing committee that will shape the agenda for practical and organizational work in the next six months.

Report and photos by Communist Union of Donbass

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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