Information War: Lugansk Communists’ VK pages hacked

Dear friends, comrades, associates!

Attackers hacked the official pages of Lugansk Communist leader Maxim Chalenko and the group “Lugansk Communist Front” on VKontakte [social media site, Russian alternative to Facebook]. Unfortunately, VKontakte technical support has not allowed us to regain control over the accounts.

Maxim Chalenko and Ekaterina Popova 

We declare that from February 11, 2016, we are not responsible for any information posted or the content of messages which may be distributed by the hacked pages.

We appeal to all friends and followers of Maxim Chalenko and the group “Lugansk Communist Front” to support us in the fight against the thieves!

Join our new group:

The struggle for restoration of access to M. Chalenko’s page will continue. A temporary page for the leader of the Lugansk Communists will be created in the near future.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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