Join Bogdanka: Help save the Museum of Novorossiya!

Bogdanka (holding portrait of Ghost Brigade founder Alexei Mozgovoi)
with staff of the Museum of Novorossiya.

January 28: Young Bogdanka (callsign Dotsya), daughter of the Ghost Brigade, visited the Museum of Novorossiya in Leningrad (“St. Petersburg”), which faces closure.

The girl tells of the horrors of war and the need to preserve the only Russian museum dedicated to Novorossiya.


Donate to save to the Museum of Novorossiya

In St. Petersburg, Russia’s only Museum of Novorossiya was founded. This museum has a huge collection of things and objects symbolizing the struggle of the people against the occupation regime of the pro-American junta — the regime came to power in Ukraine by force, with the support of right-wing organizations. The museum has both stripes and banners of units that took part in the defense and liberation of the cities of Donbass and the trophies of the defeated or retreating units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, National Guard and punitive battalions that took part in the genocide of the civilian population in the southeast of Ukraine. 

At this time, the museum, which was created by supporters with their personal funds, as well as donations of militias, is threatened with closure. The reason is the vested interests of commercial structures.

We appeal to everyone not to be indifferent of leave to fate this museum that symbolizes our fight for freedom and the right to choose the future for us and our descendants. 

If you want to donate to support the team of the Museum of Novorossiya financially to rent new premises, conduct repairs and move:

Map Of Sberbank Of Russia:
-4854 6300 8840 9803 (roubles)

✔ WebMoney:
-WMR-purse R305567075260 (rubles)
-WMZ-purse Z367463941428 (USD)
-WME purse E304822724528 (EUR)

✔ Yandex money:

✔ Room Megaphone to refill (not for calls):
+ 79,219,419,230

✔ MTS number to recharge (not for calls):
+ 79,117,741,546


Our group in VC
Our website


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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