Ghost Brigade receives delegates of Russian Communist Workers’ Party

AK Cherepanov and VA Turul, secretaries of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RKRP) and members of the working group to coordinate collaboration with the communists of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, carried out the seventh (regular) working trip to the LPR and the DPR from January 15-19, 2016.

On January 16, they visited the cities of Donetsk, Makeyevka and Torez in the DPR, where they met with members of the Communist and Workers’ Front of the DPR, and agreed on coordinating the work of communists and supporters of the communist and workers’ movement within the front of Novorossiya.

On January 17, the RKRP secretaries met with the Communist Workers’ Organization of the LPR, where they spoke about the work of the XXXV Congress of the CPSU (December 2015), and about the decisions adopted by the November 2015 Plenum of the Central Committee of the RKRP, including joint work with the communists of Donbass.

AK Cherepanov and VN Turul also visited military units of the territorial defense battalions of the people’s militia, including the Ghost Brigade of A. Mozgovoi. They met with militia who defended Lugansk and Donetsk from fascist invaders of Ukraine in 2014-2015. Distinguished soldiers, militias and commanders received awards from the Central Committee of the RKRP: the Order of the Red Banner, “For loyalty to the motherland — the USSR,” the medal “For Courage,” “For Lugansk defense,” “NATO resistance front,” “70 Years of Victory,” and” Glory, valor, honor.”

During their visit, the secretaries of the Central Committee of the RKRP AK Cherepanov and VN Turul helped the Communists of the LPR and DPR strengthen their material resources and propaganda work, and distributed calendars for 2016 with the image of VI Lenin and JV Stalin, and the newspapers “Labor Russia”, “Labor Tyumen”, “For the Soviet Motherland”, “Thought”, “Transparency” and “Leninist Spark”.

Press Center of the Central Committee of the RKRP

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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