Moldova: Protests against oligarch regime grow; National Salvation Council declared

Moldova: Protests against Plahotniuc regime gaining greater scope

Protest at the Grand National Assembly in Chisinau, Moldova, Jan. 24
Tens of thousands of people from across the country have gathered for a large-scale national protest, organized by the joint opposition (“DA” Platform, “Our Party,” and the Party of Socialists) on Sunday, January 24, at the square of the Grand National Assembly in Chisinau.

People protesting against the regime established in Moldova by the oligarch Plahotniuc chanted: “We are the people!”, “Down with Plahotniuc!”, “Down with the mafia!”, “Plahotniuc, don’t forget, the prison is your home!”, “We want our country back! “,”Moldovans, unite!”

The protesters are demanding cancellation of the Parliamentary vote for the government of Filip, pleasing oligarch Plahotniuc. Also, people in favor of disolving parliament and organizing early parliamentary elections.

Recall that on the same day, TV channels controlled by oligarch Plahotniuc announced a rally starting at 12.00 in the capital on the “Eternity” Memorial “Eternity” in support of the government of Filip, to be attended by 60,000.

Subsequently, however, the event was canceled due to the fact that the population of the country have refused to come out en masse to support Plahotniuc’s party and the government of Filip, even though citizens were promised 200 lei compensation for participaing, according to several sources.

Recall that the cabinet under the leadership of Pavel Filip was approved in emergency session in less than 30 minutes by the votes of 57 deputies of the Democratic Party (PDM), Liberal Party (PL), Communist Party defectors, and seven deputies of the Liberal Democratic Party. Subsequently, the ministers of the new Cabinet were sworn in secretly by Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti. The secret ceremony took place around midnight.


Resolution of the protesters: Immediate release of political prisoners and early elections

Tens of thousands of people who came out on Sunday, January 24, to the national protest against the Plahotniuc regime, unanimously adopted a resolution demanding the organization of early parliamentary elections this spring, as well as the immediate release of the political prisoners of the Petrenko Group. reports that the resolution was adopted unanimously by the participants of the protest, and provides for the immediate release of political prisoners, including the Petrenko Group, registration of the DA Platform as a political party, immediate dismissal of Interior Minister Zhizdana and GUI (General Inspectorate of Police) head Gheorghe Kavkalyuka for mistreatment of peaceful protesters during the vote for the government of Filip.

The protesters adopted resolution requiring the organization of early parliamentary elections no later than April 2016. …


United Opposition creates National Salvation Council

The joint opposition announced the creation of a National Salvation Council, which has issued an ultimatum to the Plahotniuc regime. This was announced on Sunday, January 24, during the national protest on the square of the Grand National Assembly in Chisinau.

“Civil society, the parliamentary opposition, extra-parliamentary parties and citizens, we have to create a National Salvation Council and declare and ultimatum to the regime: leave,” said one of the leaders of “Demnitate şi Adevăr” [DA Platform] Vasile Nastase.

According to leaders of the protesters, the National Salvation Council will put pressure on the current government to organize early parliamentary elections, “which are the only solution to the crisis in the Republic of Moldova.”

“The people want only one thing: early elections,” said the quoted source.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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