Borotba: On the events in Moldova

December 21: In Moldova, leading oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc (a Moldovan Poroshenko and Kolomoisky rolled into one), nicknamed “the puppeteer,” seized complete power. The Euro-Atlantic partners, who recently accused him of corruption, suddenly realized that this oligarch was the only guarantee of the continuation of “European integration” and cooperation with the IMF. As a result, U.S. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland “advised” the head of Parliament to approve the new government headed by Plahotniuc’s protégé, Mr. Filip. Nuland also recruited the Romanian president. “We will work with our partners to support the negotiations on the establishment of the new government” – Nuland made this statement in Romania, after meeting with President Klaus Iohannis.

Plahotniuc is viewed negatively in Moldova – at least 90 percent of society hates the “puppeteer.” As a result, both representatives of the left and “pro-Russian” forces (the Party of Socialists of Igor Dodon, “Our Party” of Renato Usatii) and supporters of “European integration” of the “DA Platform,” have come to protests in front of Parliament under the slogan “Jos mafia!” (“Down with the Mafia”). The “DA Platform” is also outraged by the oligarchic coup (and even more disoriented by Western support for the oligarch – which the “Platformists” expected for themselves).

Last night, Parliament, in violation of all procedures, approved the new government of Plahotniuc’s lackey Filip in 20 minutes. Most of the 57 deputies (out of 100) were collected from the different factions by direct bribery (it’s said that the price of a vote reached $3 million). The Socialist faction blocked the rostrum, and Filip was forced to announce the composition of the new government “on the spot.”

Upon learning of the approval of the hated government, protesters stormed the Parliament and, pushing through police cordons, went into the building. Then, at the urging of the leaders, they left Parliament in an orderly manner. The Socialists urged people not to disperse for the night, so the police could not block off government buildings. When he tried to leave the parliament building, the protesters attacked far-right nationalist politician Mihai Ghimpu.

The representative of the Socialists, Deputy Ion Ceban, said outside parliament that “the deputies had no right to vote for the candidate for the post of Prime Minister and Cabinet, because it is illegal. Down with the mafia!”

The regime is in a panic. In Chisinau, evening flights were canceled; public transport to the city center was stopped so people could not gather at the Parliament. Opposition cable TV networks were blocked. The country’s entire police force is deployed in the capital.

Protesters fear persecution. Several activists from the Parliament protest have been arrested. These fears are not in vain – since last year there have been political prisoners in the country. In September 2015, during a protest at the Prosecutor General’s Office (controlled by puppets of Plahotniuc), leftist activists Grigory Petrenko, Pavel Grigorchuk, Mikhail Amerberg and their comrades were arrested, and they are still in jail.

Today, the main demand of the protesters at Parliament is for early parliamentary elections. According to recent polls, if elections take place soon, opponents of the pro-Western course – the Party of Socialists and “Our Party” — would score a crushing victory. “DA Platform”, which is also involved in protests against Plahotniuc, would come in third. Early elections would bring a change in the balance of power in Parliament and, most likely, Moldova would abandon the “pro-European” course so destructive to its economy, forced upon it by the oligarchy and its “Western partners.”

This morning, Parliament Speaker Adrian Kandu is waiting negotiations with protest leaders — Socialist leader Igor Dodon and “OP” leader Renato Usatii. It is noteworthy that the opposition leaders invited U.S. Ambassador to Moldova James Pettit to the talks.

We wish the Moldovan comrades success in the fight against the U.S.-oligarchic government. Jos mafia!

Union Borotba (Struggle) of Ukraine and Novorossiya


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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