Red Bloc appeal to the people of Moldova

Comrades, today we have a duty to return Moldova to the true source of power – the people!

Photos: Alina Rutich
Regardless of party preferences, different nationalities and language groups – UNITE!

Plahotniuc anointed Pavel Filip with the premiership, against the will of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova!

We demand early elections, the release of the innocent “Petrenko Group” political prisoners, freedom of speech and association, imprisonment of the traitors to the country and Plahotniuc!

We will not break, we will stand to the end!

We are the people!

Free the Petrenko Group!

Down with the oligarchs!

Down with Plahotniuc!

Alexandr V. Gutovski, acting chairperson of Our Home is Moldova – Red Bloc

January 21, 2016

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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