‘Ghost’ spokesperson responds to unconfirmed report of Brigade’s disbandment

Translator’s note: A report by Anna Dolgareva circulating in Russian-language media states that the leadership of the Lugansk People’s Republic has moved to disband the Ghost Brigade of Alexei Mozgovoi and dismiss several hundred volunteer militia. The following response was posted on VK January 7 by a member of the Ghost Brigade’s political department.

By Alexander Krot-Skidanov

Any BTRO [territorial defense battalion] division consists of 260 people. And Ghost is no exception, hence all the provision received by the Brigade was divided into three, including allowance. And so it is to this day, and I think will continue to be so. So it is not necessary to be overtaken with horror. Most likely nothing has changed, it will most likely continue as it has been. 

But if to some it was news that a BTRO is officially 260 people, congratulations to you … alarmists.

In connection with reports on the dissolution of the Ghost Brigade, the Command of the Ghost Brigade asks for some time to gather information, after which it will give a detailed and thorough statement of its position.

[Further comment]: This rumor is not confirmed by anyone.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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