Ghost Brigade fighter ‘Alice’: We were brought up on different principles

By Militia “Themis”

When men go to the front in Donbass, to defend their land from the invasion of the Ukrainian Nazis, leaving the ranks of yesterday’s miners and students to join the militia, their women, faithful to the honorable title “homemakers,” await them, calling on all guardian angels to be with their husbands, fathers and brothers.

But, quite often, in the ranks of the tough guys from Donbass, you can meet “Amazons” who have taken up arms: Not all women prefer the comfort of home to the barracks.

Go ask “Alice” … That’s what this young militia fighter prefers to be called, whose beauty a simple khaki uniform further emphasizes and highlights.

Yes, that’s her — delicate defender, dressed in standard camouflage.

We met her during a festive demonstration dedicated to the 98th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. And why, will be discussed today.

– Hello … Just “Alice,” if I’m not mistaken …

– Yes. (smiles) Just “Alice”. As in “Wonderland” …

– Alice, you are a sophisticated and delicate girl … And suddenly — in arms … Why?

– To hasten the day of our victory over the common enemy of all residents of Donbass — fascism. So our children will see only a peaceful sky, bright sun and beautiful flowers … It is because I am a woman. And because I, like many people here, was brought up on different principles. On the other values. And this is one of my favorite holidays. I say this as a fighter … (again, a smile and a twinkle in her eyes)

– What brought you to the militia?

– Two feelings. They have always been close. Fear for my family’s safety on one hand and, simultaneously, pride in what we were brought up to be, on the other. This is our land … in which our grandfathers lie … (sadly sighs)

– Has anything changed in your life since you joined the ranks?

– Yes. I became more collected and responsible … Not that I had previously been frivolous. Though a little levity is seen as a normal in the fairer sex … But over time, a lot has changed: my wisdom and tolerance grew …

– Don’t you sometime want to be an ordinary woman? Vulnerable, tender …

– And am I not so? (Mischievous smile) I think I still am…

– How long have you been in the Ghost Brigade?

– A long time …

– How are you treated by your colleagues?

– As a friend and a fighter … The principle of brotherhood … So, I rarely get to be gentle and vulnerable … But I can be … (smile)

We live in the most beautiful country on earth. And all other countries envy us … Because our women are so Spartan that they continued to wash the dishes, even when hot water stopped flowing …

This is Novorossiya! A country of steel men and foremost beauties …


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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