Petrenko: Soon oligarch Plahotniuc will answer for crimes against Moldova

December 11: Political prisoner Grigory Petrenko is sure that the main beneficiary of the cases against the Red Bloc political prisoners is oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, who will soon have to answer for all his crimes committed against democracy.

Political prisoner Grigory Petrenko, leader of the Red Bloc.
“As soon as his regime begins to collapse, I’m sure that all those around him will not only flee like rats from a sinking ship, but they will also be the first to testify against Plahotniuc, as has happened in other cases where one person or group of people have usurped power in a country,” said Petrenko, adding that everyone knows the fate of all dictators, and Plahotniuc will be no exception.

Petrenko said that the authorities continue to put pressure on him in prison through unreasonable searches. The most recent search occurred on December 9, immediately after the court session where Judge Ludmila Ursu handed down extremely repressive and discriminatory sentences.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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