Alexey Albu: ‘The ideals of the Komsomol will prevail!’

By Alexey Albu
Komsomol! How much is associated with that word! And not only in my life (I joined the Young Communist League of Odessa in 2004 and was in it for eight years, until 2012), but in the life of the country. 
Formed during the Civil War, the Young Communist League became a significant force in the struggle for a new world, the organization of society and most importantly – the youth.
Thousands of Young Communists lost their lives at the front in the Great Patriotic War, fighting the fascist plague. 
Thousands of Komsomols became heroes! Real heroes, for whom words such as truth, honor, friendship and homeland were worth more than life! 
The power of our great Union also owed much to the Komsomol. “Great building sites,” as they were called at the time, became the most important condition for the development of the country and society. And once again, the Komsomol responded to the call. Tens of thousands of young people selflessly, unstintingly and energetically built such industrial giants and socially important facilities as the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine, the Baikal-Amur Railway, Dneproges dam, Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro-electric power station, the “Baikonur” cosmodrome, and hundreds of other enterprises.
The Komsomol included such outstanding people as Yuri Gagarin, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Oleg Koshevoy, Ivan Kozhedub, Alexander Matrosov and hundreds of others, whose names are forever inscribed in the pages of the history of our country, and who became an example for millions of young people. 
I am glad that today, many members of the Komsomol have not forgotten what this organization was created for nearly a century ago, and are fighting against Ukrainian neo-fascism, defending civilian towns and villages of the Donbass!
Yes, there were sad pages in the history of the Komsomol. Many villains, who unleashed civil war in Ukraine and robbed their country, were also were once in the Komsomol. But I am sure that the ideas of the Komsomol, to build a new, more progressive and just society, will still prevail in the minds of the people!
I wish all those involved a happy holiday!
We deserve it!

Odessa Regional Council Deputy and Borotba coordinator Alexey Albu is a survivor of the May 2, 2014, massacre at the House of Trade Unions. Forced into exile by the Ukrainian junta, he co-founded the Committee for the Liberation of Odessa. Albu currently assists the Novorossiyan Ghost Brigade in the Lugansk People’s Republic.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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