Moscow union leader fired after picket for transport workers’ rights

Oct. 27 protest in solidarity with the independent trade union at Bauman depot and its chair, Yuri Dashkov

Today, October 27, at the Department of Transport of the city of Moscow, a rally will be held in solidarity with the primary trade union organization of the Interregional Trade Union of Public Transport Workers at the Bauman tram depot, and its chairman, Yuri Dashkov.

As we reported, on October 19 Yuri Dashkov was illegally dismissed by the administration of the depot on fabricated charges of “truancy.” The administration of the depot has carried out many violations of the Labor Code. Before us is a vivid case of discrimination against an employee for his activism in the workplace and belonging to an independent trade union organization.

The action will start at 16.00 at the address: ul. Sadovo- Samotёchnaya at the site, in front of the house № 3. Metro station Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

Solidarity is our strength!


Fired after picketing for workers’ rights!

On October 19, we learned of the retroactive dismissal of Yuri Dashkov, chair of the Independent Trade Union of Interregional Transport Workers at the Bauman tram depot.

This came after an action where workers expressed valid claims concerning working conditions and the condition of the rolling stock to officials of Mosgortrans and the Bauman depot.

On October 3, 2015, a picket was held at Bauman depot, at the initiative of a group of depot employees, who later organized the independent trade union (October 10). It got special “attention” from depot directors in the person of Mrs. Ryazantseva and a representative of Mosgortrans.

Without concealing their emotions, they demonstrated disregard for ordinary workers and sympathetic activists of the Independent Trade Union of Interregional Transport Workers and United Communist Party (OKP).

The incoming chair of the trade union organization at the depot, Yuri Dashkov, asked the officials quite reasonable questions of interest to many workers. Instead he heard answers from Ryazantseva and a representative of the central board of Mosgortrans such as, “Why are you picketing to explain workers’ rights, after all, everything is good, and only you are ‘rocking the boat,’ perhaps you are sick of working on the tram.” Sometime later, the promise of the authorities turned into the retroactive dismissal of union organizer Yuri Dashkov.

All who are for trade union rights and workers’ rights, join the campaign of solidarity with the independent trade union at Bauman depot and its chairman, Yuri Dashkov.

Restore Yuri to work! Hands off the union!

Send letters of protest to support the union and Yuri Dashkov

Branch tram depot Bauman, State Unitary Enterprise “Mosgortrans”
129226, Moscow, Russia. Agriculture, d. 9/2
fax: 8 (495) 656-74-09


Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin
125032, Moscow, Russia. Tverskaya, 13,
8 (495) 633-51-90 8 (495) 957-04-44

Moscow City Department of Transportation
127994, Moscow, Russia. Garden-Gravity, 1
fax: (495) 957-05-40

SUE “Mosgortrans”
Address: Moscow, 115035, Raushskaya nab. 22/21, building 1
fax: 8 (495) 951-38-27

Sample letter:

We express our indignation at the pressure exerted by the management of the Bauman tram depot branch of State Unitary Enterprise “Mosgortrans” against the new trade union, established October 10, 2015, at the depot.

We believe the indignation of the workers about the cuts, deprivation of bonus payments, lack of indexation of wages, the poor state of the machinery and other violations of labor and other laws of the Russian Federation and Moscow is entirely just.

We are outraged by the unfair dismissal of the chair of the trade union organization, Yuri Dashkov. We demand the immediate restoration of his job and an end to discrimination against workers on the grounds of their trade union activities.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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