Moscow protest demands re-hiring of transport workers’ leader

By Tolik Belenko

Today, October 27, at the Moscow City Department of Transportation, a rally was held is solidarity with the independent Interregional Trade Union of Public Transportation Workers at Bauman tram depot and its chairman, Yuri Dashkov. The event was organized by the United Communist Party (OKP).

On October 19, Yuri Dashkov was illegally terminated “for absenteeism.” The administration made ​​a whole bunch of violations of the Labor Code, completely “forgetting” about the manner and timing of the application of disciplinary sanctions. We have before us a vivid case of discrimination against an employee for his activism in the workplace and for belonging to a trade union organization. 

The OKP’s action was attended by representatives of the Interregional Trade Union of Public Transportation Workers, the Protection trade union, the Interregional Trade Union of Railway Workers, the Left Front, Russian Communist Workers Party, the Other Russia and Revolutionary Workers’ Party. 

P.S. Unlike Mosgortrans, representatives of Mr. Liksutova’s office (Department of Transportation) did not bother to go to the participants of the action and ask about their demands… Perhaps workers’ rights don’t interest bloated directors who drive expensive cars and constantly travel on business at the state’s expense.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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