Moldova: Red Bloc political prisoner Andrei Druz begins hunger strike

October 1: In protest against the inhuman conditions of detention in the remand prison, a hunger strike was declared by one of the political prisoners, Andrei Druz, born in 1974. The arrested activist decided on such a desperate step after no longer beingable to endure the conditions of imprisonment, as well as in protest against the arbitrariness of the authorities, who organized very real political repression against those who dared to openly express criticism of the ruling regime.
Political prisoner Andrei Druz
Recall that a peaceful protest was held on September 6 in Chisinau. It began at the Academy of Sciences, and then the protesters against the oligarchic regime, corruption and predatory tariffs marched to the Prosecutor General’s Office, demanding the resignation of the prosecutor general controlled by the ruling alliance. An attempt to set up a tent camp on the sidewalk near the stairs of the building, a public place, was harshly suppressed. Clashes provoked by the police also resulted in the injury of elderly protesters, several of whom were hospitalized. As a result, eight people were detained, including one minor, who was soon released. The others remain in custody. 
Solidarity and demands for the immediate release of the political prisoners have been expressed in Kiev at a picket near the embassy of Moldova, by member of the Bundestag and Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Andrew Junco, the Communists of Belarus and Russia, and Workers World Party in New York, as well as concerned citizens of Paris.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

Please sign and share the petition demanding the immediate release of the Petrenko Group anti-fascists in Moldova!

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