Moldova’s Red Bloc: ‘Unity of left forces will dismantle the junta’

Statement by the Red Bloc party at mass protest against the oligarchic regime in Chisinau, Moldova, on Sept. 27.
Dear comrades and friends!
In these difficult days for the Republic of Moldova, concerned people found strength and courage, and began an indefinite protest action against theoligarchs in power, thieves and lawlessness!
“A thief should sit in jail!” And the name of the thief is [oligarch Vlad] Plahotniuc! 

Chisinau, Moldova: Red Bloc representatives speak to tens of thousands of protesters, Sept. 27.
We demand the return of the billions of dollars stolen by the regime from the banking system of the Republic of Moldova! We demand the resignation of Prosecutor General Gurin! We demand the de-politicization of all state structures!
The unity of left forces in Moldova is the power that will lead to the dismantling of the junta! We have no right to readmit kleptomaniacs, the incurably ill and scoundrels to power!
Only a radical change of power, changes in social policy, and constructive civil dialogue can put an end to the state of degradation.
Enough of humiliation for our long-suffering country! 
We’ve endured the parasites on the body of the Republic of Moldova long enough!
We have the right to a democratic state!
The oligarchic gang in power imprisons all who it finds objectionable!
Anyone whose views are not acceptable to Plahotniuc, Filat, Ghimpu, etc., could find themselves in the same place as our political prisoners, Grigory Petrenko, Alexander Roshko, Pavel Grigorchuk, Mikhail Amerberg, Oleg Zhurata and Vladimir Buzni.
Freedom to political prisoners!
From this stage, we must declare the demands of the protest: 
– Radical regime change! 
– Respect for the rights of citizens! 
– Democratic state! 
– Right to freedom! 
– Prohibition of the Democratic Party and Liberal Democrats! 
– No to political repression! 
– Resignation of Prosecutor General Gurin! 
– Return the stolen billions! 
– Freedom to political prisoners!
Our House is Moldova (Red Bloc)

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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