Moldova: Red Bloc condemns oligarch regime’s negotiations with IMF

September 23: Any negotiations and the conclusion of new agreements between the IMF and Moldovan authorities, who are rapidly losing legitimacy, are inappropriate and unacceptable. This was stated by the party Our Home is Moldova (Red Bloc), led by political prisoner and former parliamentary deputy Grigory Petrenko.

In the context of the visit of the IMF Mission to Chisinau, Our Home is Moldova (BAT) expressed its strongest protest against the impending anti-people deal between the oligarchic regime and the International Monetary Fund.

“Against the background of the total discredit of the ruling coalition, the complete failure of its social and economic policies, corruption, and capture of state institutions by representatives of oligarchic interests, any negotiations and the conclusion of new agreements between the IMF and Moldovan authorities, who are rapidly losing legitimacy, are inappropriate and unacceptable,” says the statement.

According to the statement, “Those involved in the theft of billions of dollars from the banking system, and do not accept any responsibility, do not have even the slightest right to negotiate on behalf of the Moldovan people about multiple new loans with international financial institutions, thus dooming our country to deeper and deeper debt.

“The closed nature of the negotiation process leads us to suspect the regime of preparing its next anti-people deal with the IMF, the price of which will be further destruction of the existing social safety net, raising the retirement age and further reduction in social benefits,” said the document.

Representatives of the party warned the IMF mission delegated to negotiate with Moldovan officials about the predictable consequences of signing an agreement with “crooks and thieves in power.”

“All of this will inevitably lead to relapse, when officials will borrow with one hand, and with the other shift the funds to private pockets using state institutions and sophisticated fraudulent schemes,” the members of BAT believe.

The party also appealed to the social consciousness of the people, noting that “only a radical change in the system, a change in social relations, a change in the relationship between citizens and the powerful, a qualitative change of government can put an end to the degradation of the country.

“This requires a strong civil-society movement united around a common objective: ridding Moldova of the dictatorship of the oligarchs. We call upon all citizens to step up pressure on the authorities, to become active participants in protest actions against the anti-popular regime of lawlessness and usurpation of power. Only together can we stop the impoverishment of the people! Only our joint, decisive action will free Moldova from the tyranny of the oligarchs!” concluded the statement.

The mission of the International Monetary Fund, headed by Ivana Vladkovoy-Hollar, is on an official visit to Chisinau from September 22 to October 6. It is expected that the IMF representatives will negotiate with Moldovan officials for the signing of a new agreement on financing for Moldova.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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