An eyewitness report from the ‘Moldovan Maidan’

By Alexander Colak

September 10: Yesterday I was at the “Moldovan Maidan” [“Yes” Platform rally in central Chisinau]. My impressions, frankly, were bad!

Let me explain: Walking through the square with friends, I noticed that everyone somehow looked askance at us. It turned out that a St. George’s Ribbon on the backpack of one of my fellow travelers attracted the eyes of the protesters. In less than five minutes, we were approached by representatives of their internal security and asked to either hide the ribbon, or leave the rally. There was a long dialogue / debate. I don’t post the video to avoid conflict. 

My conclusion: you are not welcome
● if you are a eurosceptic;
● If you do not want to surrender the sovereignty of Moldova to the influence of the EU;
● If you do not want someone else deciding how many agricultural products to produce and export;
● If you do not want someone else deciding how many refugees you must host;
● If you do not want to be pointed out and prohibited from rallies, such as the rally of the “Yes” Platform.

The “Yes” rally is a rally of blind supporters of European integration and unification with Romania.

In general, if I’m disappointed in something, I do not get used. Since 2008/9, my expectations have been shattered many times.

I think the time has come for the people themselves to create a counterweight to today’s political realities.

Translated by Greg Butterfield
(Thanks to Victor Shapinov)

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