Transnistrian communists: No to political persecution in Moldova!

Statement of the Central Committee of the Transnistrian Communist Party

Political repression continues in the Republic of Moldova.

Unable to cope with the political and social problems that give rise to just indignation and protests by the country’s citizens, oligarchic Moldovan officials have resorted to the scare tactics traditional for such regimes, attempting to intimidate and eliminate opponents from the political field.

On September 6, during mass protests that swept Chisinau, police detained several activists of the political party Red Bloc. Among those detained was the leader of the party and former deputy of the Moldovan Parliament, Grigory Petrenko.

During the arrest and dispersal of protesters, police used brute force, causing several people to be hospitalized. The detainees were beaten and sustained injuries.

The events of September 6 again showed the world the true face of those who are today at the helm of the Moldovan state. They have lost control of events, the economy is collapsing, discontent is growing throughout society, and the deterioration of relations with Russia and orientation toward the European Union only aggravates the country’s problems.

Unwilling to take responsibility for what is happening, Moldovan authorities accuse the true patriots of “organizing riots.” Those who understand that Moldova’s well-being can only be built on the principles of a socially-oriented economy, justice and the rule of law, as well as on the basis of mutually beneficial, good-neighborly relations with other CIS countries, and movement in the direction of such international organizations as the Customs Union and the Eurasian Union.

The Central Committee of the Transnistrian Communist Party expresses its solidarity with the leftist forces in Moldova, whose efforts are aimed at saving the country from the power of the oligarchs, easing tensions in the region, and maintaining peace and security on the banks of the Dniester River.

We demand that the Moldovan authorities immediately cease political repression against the leftist forces, and release Grigory Petrenko and his comrades.

We call upon all communists, all progressive social organizations, all people of goodwill, to stand up for the political prisoners of the Republic of Moldova — fighters against the power of the oligarchs.

September 8, 2015

N.A. Bondarenko, Acting Chairperson
Central Committee of the Transnistrian Communist Party (PKP)


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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