The Confederate flag represents fascism: Reply to Pavel Rust at

A response to the article “Three hundred thousand Yankees went South” by Pavel Rust, published at

As an activist in solidarity with Novorossiya in the United States, I am compelled to say that the author Pavel Rust is very, dangerously wrong in his defense of the Confederate flag and other symbols of the Confederacy.

I believe it is important for people in Novorossiya to understand that in the United States, the Confederate flag represents FASCISM and RACISM, the very opposite of what Novorossiya stands for.

Pavel Rust offers a fanciful version of the U.S. Civil War, presenting the Confederate defenders of slavery as heroic freedom fighters akin to the militias of Novorossiya today. I can only imagine that he is gravely misinformed, because this is a terrible insult to the brave anti-fascist fighters of Donbass. And he is just as wrong to say that the fight against racism and symbols of the Confederacy in the United States is similar to the Euromaidan in Ukraine and other imperialist-sponsored protest movements.

Bree Newsome takes down the Confederate flag
at South Carolina State Capitol, June 27, 2015.

Those who defend this flag and the Confederacy are the equivalent of the Ukrainian fascists who you are fighting: they denigrate Black people, workers’ rights and social justice, uphold U.S. imperialism and war, just as the Kiev junta denigrates Russians and other national groups and punishes those who resist with bombs and blockades.

There is no equivalency between the “civil society” groups of Euromaidan, financed and supported by U.S. imperialism, and the grassroots uprising of African American people against police brutality and the massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, which is directed against U.S. imperialism.

The anti-fascists, anti-imperialists, communists, and other supporters of Novorossiya in the United States help form the backbone of the resistance to the racist flag and the fascist terrorism it represents. One of the most dedicated comrades of Novorossiya whom I work with in New York was present on June 27 at the South Carolina Capitol where the heroic Black woman activist Bree Newsome climbed the flagpole and ripped down the hated flag.

As we work to destroy the lies of the U.S. and Western media about what is happening in Ukraine and Novorossiya, we must also combat dangerous myths like this one, which only undermine our efforts to build international solidarity with your struggle.

In solidarity,
Greg Butterfield
Solidarity with Ukraine Antifascists Committee, New York, USA

One thought on “The Confederate flag represents fascism: Reply to Pavel Rust at

  1. Absolutely accurate assessment of the situation concerning the Empire, resistance, and the symbols of fascism now sadly resurgent. It is a twist of fate that the Russian Naval Standard would resemble the antebellum stars and bars and has also been chosen to represent the Donbass People's armed resistance. If any fraction in Ukraine resembles the old confederacy it is the fascists with Porkershenko and weird, bald, and evil Yats the Ukie oligarchs playing the parts of Rhett and Scarlet.


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