Report from Athens protest: ‘Ukraine & Greece are not so different’

Victor Shapinov​ of Borotba (Struggle) reports on the “Vote No” demonstration he attended in Athens, Greece, on the weekend of June 27-28:

Marching to help the Greek people free themselves from the dictatorship of the EU, IMF, ECB.

Seeing the flag of the Lugansk People’s Republic, many approached us to express solidarity with the Donbass struggle. The Greeks follow the civil war in Ukraine and sympathize with the resistance. We were approached by Turkish comrades, asking about the assassination of Alexei Borisovich Mozgovoi and the situation with the Ghost Brigade.

On Tuesday, June 30, the right-wing forces in Athens will try to organize their own Euromaidan. Among the groups of people gathering support for the “pro-European” event, EuroGreeks frequently ask questions such as, “Where will I park my SUV?” Those who receive the minimal 250-260 Euros per month intend to vote NO in the referendum on the continuation of cooperation with the IMF and the ECB. Workers in Greece have long been thinking about how to escape the “Eurozone.”

Members of the leftist Syriza cheered when Prime Minister Tsipras announced the referendum. In recent months, they have been criticized by the more left-wing parties for continuing negotiations with creditors.

The walls are plastered with poster, and one word is everywhere: “NO.” However, the right-wing forces are awake, some of their moves look as if Mustafa Nayyem is already here and supervising the local NGO milieu.

There’s tension in the air. It seems Ukraine and Greece are not so different after all.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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