Ghost Brigade: Urgent Appeal for Humanitarian Assistance

By Darya Mitina, head of International Relations
United Communist Party of Russia

Please take these videos seriously!

The first video shows Tatiana, a member of the Political Department of the Ghost Brigade of Alexei Mozgovoi; the Donbass depends on such people. Leaving Alchevsk after the parade on May 9, I kissed her goodbye and said: “Take care of Alexei Borisovich.”

Both she and our friend and comrade, Borotbist Evgenij Wallenberg, along with one of the companions of the slain hero (in the second video), explain that the warehouses of Ghost are almost empty. The flow of humanitarian aid from Russia has decreased considerably after a year of war, and it is controlled by the authorities of the republics, who are trying to distribute it centrally, but this does not always work well. Since the murder of the brigade commander, Ghost is actually cut off from assistance.

This is a huge request to renew humanitarian assistance with food, clothing, medicines — in the video, the guys say what is needed.

[The first video is dubbed in English; the second has English subtitles. Thanks to Tatzhit Mihailovich.]


Translated by Greg Butterfield

How to donate humanitarian aid

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