Moscow: 30 years without USSR — causes, results, conclusions

Monday, December 20 – 19.00

Alibi club, Ascheulov Lane, 9, Moscow, Russia

We invite all comers for a political discussion, timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Belovezh conspiracy.

Members and experts of the club will discuss the essence of the events preceding the collapse of the Soviet Union, the results of the dismemberment of the country and their consequences today. What was its destruction for the peoples of the USSR — a tragedy or the acquisition of desired sovereignty? Is the collapse of the USSR a crime without a statute of limitations or a historical farce that put an end to the October Revolution?

We will try to answer these and other questions from the perspective of different generations — those who were born and lived in the USSR, those who knew it at a very young age and those who were born after its destruction.

Among the participants: the United Communist Party (OKP)”, the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RKRP), the “Other Russia of Eduard Limonov” party, ROT Front, Communists of Russia, the Union of Communist Youth, the Labor Russia movement and others.

Location: Moscow, Ashcheulov Lane, 9, “Alibi” club. Starts at 19.00. Directions: metro stations “Chistye Prudy,” “Sretensky Boulevard,” “Turgenevskaya.”

All are invited! We remind you of the need to comply with sanitary standards – wear masks.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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