Moldova: Prosecutor still refuses to withdraw charges against Petrenko Group

Six leftist, anti-fascist activists have faced persecution under multiple governments in Moldova since their arrests on Sept. 6, 2015, during a peaceful anti-austerity protest in the capital of Chisinau. The “Petrenko Group” were jailed under torturous conditions for nearly six months, then put on house arrest. They still face restrictions on travel. Grigory Petrenko and the activists’ original attorney were forced to seek asylum abroad. In court, the defendants have frequently been banned from the courtroom or subject to violence. Today the persecution continues.

Petrenko Group in court.

Petrenko: Prosecutor\’s office refuses to withdraw charges in politically-motivated case

Feb. 22: Judicial and prosecutorial lawlessness continues in the case of the so-called “Petrenko Group.” Grigory Petrenko, chair of the European Left Party, wrote about this on social media.

“This shameful process has been going on for six years! The case has been recognized as a political one by many international institutions and countries. Despite this, the prosecutor\’s office refuses to withdraw the charges!

Defendants in the case continue to be kicked out of the courtroom at every hearing. I am still wanted! An unprecedented incident happened today: Judge Aurelia Cazakliu made a decision to detain Mikhail Amerberg for 72 hours, as she did not like how he reacted to the lies of witnesses and so-called victims.

Mr. Stoianoglo, how many more years will it take for you to listen to the position of Moldova\’s international partners and international human rights bodies? How many years will this political trial last?” writes Petrenko.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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