RKRP flash mob demands \’No reprisals!\’

\’No reprisals!\’

Feb. 2: The Leningrad organization of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RKRP) held a flash mob demanding \”No reprisals!\”, against police arbitrariness and in support of the first secretary of the Tyumen organization of the RKRP, Alexander Cherepanov, against whom a criminal case was initiated for injuring a law enforcement officer.

Dmitry Kuzmin, first secretary of the Leningrad Committee of the RKRP, said: “On Jan. 31, in all the media, there is an uproar about the speeches of Navalny\’s supporters and the repressions that the authorities are using against the protesting youth. Moreover, in most cases, these repressions are passed off as political persecution. We also believe that the measures taken by the authorities are completely inappropriate to the situation, but their political character is not so obvious. The Navalnists advocate for Navalny\’s freedom, but not at all against capitalism itself. Therefore, the authorities are no longer in the position of protecting the state or the constitutional order, but rather solving the problem of protecting Vladimir Putin personally, whose honesty and decency the FBK dared to question. Interestingly, in their zeal, the security forces also show their character: some are embarrassed and even ashamed that they have to fight with women and children. Others turn into real policemen, as they were in tsarist Russia, and then tried to return in 1941-45.

“Thus, during the procession in the cultural capital, a young, healthy security officer (presumably a National Guard) clad in a helmet and armor, kicked a 54-year-old woman in the stomach with a heavy boot. Since this case immediately became the subject of general attention by the media and the public, the police chiefs immediately began to apologize to the victim, to make excuses to the public and to their superiors. Like, in the heat of the moment, in a foggy helmet, I thought it was an attack … One could have believed it, if not for other facts and proof. We remember how people were condemned just for throwing a plastic cup at a security officer. Someone stepped on the foot, tore off a button … But even worse, the police allow themselves not only direct violence, but also methods of political provocation and fabrication.

“Thus, on Nov. 7, 2020, in Tyumen, the police prevented the communists from holding a march and rally. For no reason, they seized and threw into a bus the first secretary of the regional committee of the RKRP, Alexander Cherepanov, and his wife, and took them to the police station. And this was not all. Subsequently, the young Lt. Col. V.S. Volkovitsky, deputy police chief of the Tyumen region, stated that during his arrest, 71-year-old pensioner Cherepanov inflicted physical injuries on him. The Investigative Committee was not long in coming and very quickly opened a criminal case on this story, which has already been referred to the court, and the first session took place on Jan. 28. In this regard, I would like to ask Volkovitsky himself and his bosses: aren’t you ashamed? Well, your job is like that, you have to follow the instructions of the authorities, but there are concepts of decency and dignity.\”

The text published here will be sent to the federal and local authorities, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as the prosecutor\’s office of the Tyumen region.

Russian Communist Workers\’ Party

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7-911-257-48-82, Alexei Stubbs
E-mail: rkrp-ck@yandex.ru
WWW: http://rkrp.ru/
VK: https://vk.com/party.rkrp


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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