Hamburg memorial for Commander Alexey Markov

Alexey Gennadievich Markov \”Dobri\” 02/11/1973 – 10/24/2020

By No Pasarán Hamburg

On Oct. 24, 2020, comrade Commander Alexey Gennadievich Markov and his wife died in a car accident. Antifascist, communist, protector of the Donbass people from the fascists, we lost an extremely important comrade and person. On the occasion of his death, we held a small memorial in Hamburg on Oct. 31, 2020, at the same time as comrades in Rome.

Photos: No Pasarán Hamburg

Dear comrades, we send you a Red Greeting from Hamburg!

Today we also commemorate Commander “Dobri,” Alexey Gennadievich Markov. We do this in the Hamburg district of Altona at the memorial of the \”Altonaer Vier\”: Bruno Tesch, Walter Möller, Karl Wolff and August Lütgens.

These four communists were executed with a hand ax on Aug. 1, 1933, in the prison yard of the Altona District Court. Their Nazi trial from May 8 until June 2, 1933, was the first for the so-called \”Altona Blood Sunday\”:

On Sunday, July 17, 1932, the SA marched with 7,000 uniformed men through Red Altona, which had been approved by the Social Democratic government. The people resisted, the Hamburg police were called, 16 residents were shot by them, 90 people were arrested, some from their homes.

We meet here at the execution site to commemorate all the fallen fighters who gave their lives to fight for a better one for all of us, and the incarnation of humanity. There are stormy times ahead in our home countries.

But we never forget the people of Donbass, their history, their struggle — not even the steppe and the birch trees. Their fight is our fight, Dobri\’s fight is our fight.

We greet you warmly, especially our dear comrades and friends of the Caravana Antifascista.

Up with International solidarity! No pasarán!

Hamburg, Oct. 31, 2020


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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