Day of Antifascist Memory and Solidarity in Donetsk, Jan. 19

Sunday, January 19 – 15:00

Donetsk Republican Library for Youth (Shevchenko, 3), Donetsk, DPR

On January 19 at 15:00 we await you at a meeting dedicated to antifascism in the modern world. We will remember all those who died at the hands of the neo-Nazis, talk about the nature of fascism and why it is once again becoming a nightmare for humanity.
Why do we need another anti-fascist day? On January 19, 2009, neo-Nazis killed lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova in Moscow. And this was not the last crime of the neo-fascists. In the USA, Bolivia, Colombia, India, the EU, Ukraine — everywhere the far right revives and becomes stronger. And for us, who are now living in our sixth year under war and economic blockade, the anti-fascist struggle is not an empty phrase or abstract discussion. This is a matter of our future happiness.

We do not have the right to remain silent and indifferent. True antifascism knows no reservations.

Organizers: Aurora Women’s Club, Red Carnation Antifascists of Donbass


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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