New Year greetings from Ghost Battalion

New Year greetings from fighters of the Ghost Battalion (Prizrak), on the front line against fascism in the trenches of the Lugansk People’s Republic.

Dear residents of Donbass, fraternal Russia, as well as our friends from all over the world!

The command of the Ghost Battalion and all its personnel warmly congratulate you on the upcoming New Year! We wish you happiness, health, peace and prosperity. May 2020 bring you only positive emotions, a good mood and an optimistic attitude. 

Happy holiday, happy new year!


Happy New Year 2020!

Alexey Markov, commander of the Ghost Battalion

In a few hours the new year will come to Donbass. I want to wish the people of Novorossiya and Russia, the fraternal people of Ukraine, Belarus and other republics of the Soviet Union, to all our friends around the world, that in this coming year all wars end, children stop hearing canons, husbands, brothers and sons return home to your families. 
To all people, health, happiness and well-being so that there is always a blue sky above your head and a home that is warm and comfortable. So that humanity finally fucking makes up its mind to stop these disastrous wars, to make them a thing of the past, along with neo-Nazism and the imperialism that spawned it, so that people can finally heal and be happy. 
We don’t have much on this earth and the earth itself is not very big. Let’s live in peace. 
To the people on the other side of the trenches, remember our cause is just. The enemy will be broken and victory will be ours. Happy New Year!

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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