Christmas and New Year greeting from the Colombian Clandestine Communist Party (PC3)

Compañeros and compañeras of the countryside and the Colombian cities, receive the embrace of Christmas and New Year festivities, with wishes for growing social protest and struggle for the most urgent demands of the popular majorities in 2020. We extend our revolutionary, Marxist-Leninist and Bolivarian greeting especially to the communist militants of our country and internationally. 

We write this note with the fundamental purpose of expressing our good wishes for the well-being and success to the peoples who fight for their freedom, to give notice of the permanence of the revolutionary project of the Colombian Clandestine Communist Party (PC3), and to repeat again our commitment to emancipation with the conviction that it is never too late to fight in the name of the vanquished and condemned of the earth; it never hurts to have the virtue and courage to rise against the tyranny of reality, against bourgeois civilization and its destructive illusions of progress, seeing that however powerful and indestructible the oppressors may present themselves, the strength of the revolutionaries lies not primarily in their material resources, which are generally inferior, but in their faith, in their passion, in their subjectivity, in their convictions, in their capacity for dedication and in their will to fight.

Sure, it is undoubtedly a force that some could pejoratively classify as spiritual and mystical; but it is a powerful human force, the very human and earthly force of revolutionary consciousness.

What is the point, then, of the persistence of an insurgent Party like ours, even if it seems that it does not currently have the capacity to be a guide for a social revolution? It has the character of the moral influence that perseverance represents in the midst of adversities, beyond the propaganda of those on one side or the other who, in good or bad faith, oppose us by pointing to us as uncompromising and sectarian, as dinosaurs and anachronistic.

Our duty is to persevere and continue persevering, organizing step by step, strengthening ourselves, integrating ourselves with the mass fronts in the heat of the struggle; without submission, contesting ideologically, and with the weight of example, theory and revolutionary action, each political space; curbing reformism and class-collaborationist politics that numbs and delays change.

And it is not a question of cementing hatred and senseless violence, because, paraphrasing the poet and comrade of Parral, Pablo Neruda, we suffer and love like any other common person, and as such we love and defend causes deeply, suffering the pains of others and the humiliated condition of the people as our own; feeling the duty and honor to take sides in prison and on the street, in debate and in combat, on the side of the weak and the offended, on the side of the poor and the excluded, without shame or fear that we will be called insurgents or dissidents, because we are indeed irreverent and subversive; because we are the uncomfortable, rebellious, ragged and barefoot, who walk against the tide of hegemonic culture and meekness.

We are what we want to be, and not what others from their position of power accuses us of being, and we are neither offended nor fearful of our dignity, even if we have to spit out schemes, because we wait, we yearn for, we fight and we are certain of the changes that are needed and that will come for the redemption of the oppressed, with their own force of resistance and triple audacity, combining internationalism and solidarity that expresses pain for the suffering of others.

And because we hate hatred and declare war on the unjust wars that the oligarchs shamelessly impose while criticizing and objecting to the violence of the weakest; and because we believe in the possibility of the impossible and that the spring is insurrectionary, we say now as always; and now more than ever in the heat of the popular protest that boils in the streets of Colombia, in every latitude of Our America’s nonconformity, that we believe and will continue fighting for the cause of socialism, for the cause of communism, and for a society without exploiters or exploited that ends the miseries of capitalism and its decrepit imperial presence once and for all.

With Bolívar, with Manuel, with the people, to power!

As long as there is a will to fight there will be hope of winning!


Colombian Clandestine Communist Party (PC3)

December 2019


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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