Faithful to his oath: Cpt.-Lt. Igor Ostapenko and the 1993 Moscow Uprising

On the 26th anniversary of the 1993 Black October massacre against defenders of the Supreme Soviet in Moscow, here is some people’s history from Labor Russia:

On the night of October 3–4, 1993, a group of military personnel from the 69th Test Center for Naval and Space Intelligence of the Russian Navy, under the leadership of Captain-Lieutenant Igor Ostapenko, attempted to provide armed assistance to the defenders of the Supreme Soviet. 

Upon learning of the shooting at the Ostankino television center, Ostapenko formed a detachment of volunteers (21 people volunteered) and set the task to advance to Moscow to defend the Soviet government. Having opened the weapons room, the detachment armed itself and at midnight on October 4 went to the capital from the city of Noginsk-9 near Moscow.
Memorial to Captain-Lieutenant Igor Ostapenko.
Photo: Labor Russia
On the Chernogolovka-Moscow road, the detachment seized a ZIL-43318 truck, in which Ostapenko and his fighters rode. Meanwhile, the command of the 69th Test Center had already notified the police.

At 31 km of the Shchelkovsky highway, the detachment was ambushed by the Shchelkovsky riot police. After a short battle, Captain-Lieutenant Ostapenko ordered his soldiers to surrender, and he shot himself.

Currently, a memorial has been erected at the site of the death of the hero, the only officer remaining faithful to his oath. Eternal memory to the hero!

Translated by Greg Butterfield

Oath of Allegiance of the Soviet Red Army

I, a citizen of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, joining the ranks of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army, do hereby take the oath of allegiance and do solemnly vow to be an honest, brave, disciplined and vigilant fighter, to guard strictly all military and State secrets, to obey implicitly all Army regulations and orders of my commanders, commissars and superiors.

I vow to study the duties of a soldier conscientiously, to safeguard Army and National property in every way possible and to be true to my People, my Soviet Motherland, and the Workers’ and Peasants’ Government to my last breath.

I am always prepared at the order of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Government to come to the defense of my Motherland – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – and, as a fighter of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army, I vow to defend her courageously, skillfully, creditably and honorably, without sparing my blood and my very life to achieve complete victory over the enemy.

And if through evil intent I break this solemn oath, then let the stern punishment of the Soviet law, and the universal hatred and contempt of the working people, fall upon me.

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