Fidel Castro’s birthday celebrated in Donbass

By Aurora Women’s Club and Red Carnation anti-fascists

Donetsk, DPR

On this day, August 13, 1926, the commander of the Cuban Revolution and leader of the Cuban people was born — Fidel Castro. 

Photos: Aurora
Today we met to talk about Fidel, his contribution to the development of Cuban society, humanism and internationalism. About how Cuba has been transformed during the years of the revolution, why Fidel was hated by the CIA and loved by Cuban workers, about his relationship with Hemingway and his internationalist duty. And most importantly — about his faith in a better future and the struggle for it. 
“The course of history is irreversible. Capitalism with its egotism, its crimes and its vices will disappear, as the feudal and slave societies disappeared. Although a country might regress at times, humanity never will,” said Fidel. 
Happy birthday, Comandante!
¡Hasta la victoria siempre!
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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