Moldova: Pavel Grigorchuk transferred to house arrest

Great news! Moldovan anti-fascist Pavel Grigorchuk has been ordered released from Detention Center PU-13 and put under home detention (similar to house arrest in the U.S.) Now we must fight to have all restrictions dropped on his movement and political activity.

We continue to demand the release of the other political prisoners of oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, medical care for those facing health crisis, and an end to the torture conditions imposed on prisoners by the old regime.

Antifascist activist Pavel Grigorchuk after court announced
his transfer to house arrest, June 17.

Pavel Grigorchuk transferred to house arrest

Chisinau, June 17: Civil activist Pavel Grigorchuk was transferred to house arrest after today’s court session.

In addition, his former lawyer Eduard Rudenko, who also appears as a witness in the Grigorchuk-Syrbu case, refrained from making statements against his former client, since he knows the information on the Grigorchuk case.
“You are forcing me to commit a crime. Testifying against my client because I am a witness for the prosecution. To me, this is absurd. ”

Renato Usatîi, leader of “Our Party” and former mayor of Balti 
forced into exile under the Plahotniuc dictatorship, has just 
returned to Moldova. He came to court today to 
support antifascist political prisoner Pavel Grigorchuk. 
Photo: Alexander Roshko

Today was a court hearing on the case of activist Pavel Grigorchuk. Democrat Sergey Syrbu, and also Our Party chairman Renato Usatii, came to the hearing.

Activist Pavel Grigorchuk was detained in mid-March after a conflict with Democrat MP Sergey Syrbu. A case is being investigated against him as a result of a complaint filed by a deputy on the basis of a charge of physical assault on him. If Grigorchuk is found guilty, he faces five years in prison.


Courtroom video by Alexander Roshko

Petrenko: ‘The struggle is still ahead’

By Grigory Petrenko

Friends, the transfer of Pavel Grigorchuk to house arrest is still an arrest. It’s unfair and humiliating for any free citizen. Of course it’s better than PU-13.

But you don’t shouldn’t relax and forget about this trumped-up criminal case. The struggle is still ahead!

I really hope that in the near future Gheorghe Petik, as well as a number of other political prisoners, will be freed.
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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