Petrenko on Moldova events: Don’t relax, key structures still in the hands of oligarch mafia!

June 14: Today Vladimir Chebotari of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), announced that the so-called “interim president” Pavel Filip, appointed by the PDM-controlled Constitutional Court, would step aside. This came after meetings with U.S., European and Russian diplomats at the PDM headquarters in Chisinau, which included the country’s top oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc.

Chebotari indicated that the PDM supporters and mercenaries would withdraw from their occupation of government buildings. However, he continued to term the new governing coalition of the Socialist Party (PSRM) and AKUM bloc “illegitimate” and to call for new parliamentary elections.

It is clear that the PDM and the Western powers that long backed Plahotniuc’s dictatorship are fearful of the possible consequences of a popular rebellion against the oligarch regime, including the mass mobilization called for Sunday, June 16, in Chisinau

Grigory Petrenko
Photo: Greg Butterfield
While there is great jubilation among many Moldovans at the news, Grigory Petrenko, leader of the European Left Party of Moldova, issued this note of caution:

“The organized crime group known as the PDM, in the person of party Chebotari, tried to put up a good front. Do not relax or, as Chebotari said at the end, go for a vacation. The key state structures are still in the hands of oligarch mafia!

“More than ever, we must demand the resignation of the CEC, Harunzhen, the SCM and the COP in full force at once!

“And the new Minister of the Interior Nastase should, by his order, temporarily suspend the work of the border guards at the checkpoints serving the departure of charter flights from the country.

“Do not expect that the oligarch mafia will give up so easily! It’s too early to drink champagne! This is the most crucial stage!”

Statement translated by Greg Butterfield

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