Victory Day in Moldova: Free Pavel Grigorchuk!

By Alexander Roshko
Chisinau, Moldova

May 9 is the Great Holiday of the Great Victory over fascism. A holiday that brings tears to our eyes.

Unfortunately, today’s Victory Day coincided with the day when Pavel Grigorchuk has spent exactly 7 weeks in the dungeons of the Chisinau detention center.

Pavel Grigorchuk

Exactly one year ago, Pavel celebrated this Great Holiday with the red Banner of Victory in his hands, and today he is imprisoned in a dungeon, caught in the millstones of Moldova’s oligarchy.

Back in 1945, the brownshirts of the fascist swastika seemed to be crushed and destroyed forever.

Unfortunately, today we have to state that the current government is in many ways similar to the regime established by the Nazis. Dissent is suppressed, objectionable people are put away. And if it were not for international conventions, their hand would not flinch to shoot dissenters and protesters.

But the moment will surely come when this power will falter and surrender unconditionally!

Hands off Grigorchuk!


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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