May 9th: ‘Victory of the Red Army, comprised of the Soviet people’

By a comrade from the former USSR

The victory in the Great Patriotic War, and the memory of it, may be the only force that unites us in the environment of an ideological vacuum, hypocrisy and total acquiescence. It keeps us together and gives us strength.

Our enemies are well aware of this. This is why they purposefully and systematically try to destroy, strangle and corrode the memory of it. They substitute concepts, symbols and values. They push the seemingly bland and tolerant perception — like days of Memory and Reconciliation — which really are meant to dilute the true sense of the Victory.

Years ago, when we celebrated the Victory Day, we perceived it as the achievement of the Soviet people, the victory over Nazism, as the day of memory of the fallen. Parades, celebrations, respect to the veterans, flowers to the monuments. Once a year.

Back then, it was perceived as a national holiday — a great, significant date of the victory accomplished. No more than that, unfortunately.

This day’s perception was of some static magnitude — constant and unchangeable.

History proved that those of us who thought so were mistaken, terribly mistaken.
History proved that there is nothing static, constant or unchangeable. 
‘The Victory banner was red and May 9th is impossible without November 7th.’
The superpower in which we were all born is destroyed. In its ruins there are local wars, Nazi rampages and gangland mayhem. On the territory of the former Ukraine, values that always seemed unshakeable and obvious to us are currently being trashed — with the silent approval of the local population, who either simply accept the new Nazi fake system of coordinates and values or cowardly avert their eyes.

What can be more sacrilegious, hypocritical and absurd than to come to the Eternal Fire monument on May 8th under the banners of Bandera and Petlyura, with the image of a poppy on your chest? Lay flowers to the Ukronazi anthem? Mention the Red Army in the same sentence with the collaborators from the Ukrainian Rebel Army and the butchers from the Anti-Terrorist Operation, while giving a Nazi salute to the “Glory to Ukraine”? 

It looks like delirium and farce, but this is reality.

By blood, many of them are descendants of the Red Army fighters and the Soviet people who struggled for this Victory. But by deeds, they are traitors to their ancestors and followers and implementers of Nazism.

What is important, these people are not sent from abroad or another planet — all of them are locals. Locals who are brainwashed, infected with a special virus created overseas, but locals nonetheless.

And this, currently, is our greatest strategic defeat.

The reasons for this are too complex and multifaceted.

But, in regards to the Victory Day, it’s important to state that much was started when, at some point, we began to consider the Victory a static quantity, unchangeable and unshakeable in time and its interpretation.

When we started to treat the Victory over Nazism as just a holiday, as a trophy which, once won, will always belong to us; so we simply put it in a good spot in the living room and dusted it once a year.

But do we fully understand what the Victory Day means to us in respect to our values?

It is important to realize that it is a value of a dynamic magnitude. It’s not a trophy on a dusty shelf. It’s a new level which the Soviet people set in their time, set so extremely high by destroying the most powerful army in the world and breaking the spine of fascism.

And once set, this high standard ought to be maintained unceasingly — especially when enemies are all around.

The victory in the Great Patriotic War and in World War II is the victory of the Red Army, which was comprised of the Soviet people.

It is the victory of the Soviet ideology and the political and administrative system based on it.

And, what’s important, it is the victory of the Soviet economy, and namely, the system of the organization of labor and manufacture.

Last but not least, the fact that is most ignored and diluted by the enemies — diluted by the enemies abroad and ignored by the enemies inside — the Victory banner was red and May 9th is impossible without November 7th.

Right now, while it’s not too late, we must fully realize that to compromise on this, for the sake of the tolerantly blurred “Reconciliation,” is to assist the enemy to commit an ideological sabotage against our homeland.

For our values, our way of life, our freedom paid for by the blood and lives of the ancestors, we ought to fight every day.

With a clear understanding of goals and methods.

Without compromise.

Without mercy to ourselves or our enemies.

We must constantly realize that the achievements and glory of the ancestors are not inherited simply by right of birth.


We must make every effort to simply be worthy of it.

Every time, looking at the Eternal Fire, the tombstones of the common graves, we must realize that our courageous and strong-willed ancestors are looking back at us.

And nothing can hide from their glance.

They can’t be deceived.

You can’t hide your weakness behind pathetic excuses.

And to have the honor to be called their heirs, means to continue their Legacy.

The Legacy of protecting the Motherland.

Continue daily. Hourly.

In word and in deed.

Happy Victory Day, comrades!

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