Moscow: Defenders of Lenin Memorial School protest at education forum

April 10: Today, people affected by the closure of the V.I. Lenin Memorial School decided to attend the first day of the “Moscow International Education Salon.”

Photos: Fatima Khugaeva
Recall that the Ministry of Education closed the only school in the village of Gorki Leninskie. As a result, 500 students must receive their education in other schools, which are too far for them to reach independently. Parents are extremely outraged by the fact that their children have to get up very early in order to get to their new schools. The public supports the parents’ protest and is concerned that the ministry is negligent in protecting Russia’s historical heritage. The school was opened in 1921 by Lenin, and Krupskaya was the trustee of the advanced institution. 

Some of the activists were in court in the city of Vidnoe with the demand to oblige the Ministry of Education and Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution to repeal regulations that prevent the resumption of the school. Another group of the Gorki school defenders decided to attend the annual meeting of representatives of the education sector in order to remind them of their problem. 

Nine people in clothes inscribed with the words “Return the Gorki School to the children” and [Minister of Education Olga] “Vasilyeva on trial” caused quite a stir in the halls of the international forum. Visitors to the event were interested in learning the reason for the action and expressed their support for the protesters. Police officers found no reason to hinder this form of protest and behaved politely. 

The Communists of Russia warmly support the activists of the Gorki School in the fight against the anti-people policy of the Ministry of Education. And we join their call to resist the lawlessness of officials!

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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