United Communist Party holds Third Congress in Moscow

On February 9, 2019, the Third Congress of the United Communist Party (OKP) was held in Moscow.

The OKP was established in March 2014. The party was based on former members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, who opposed the right-wing, anti-Marxist course of Zyuganov and his associates, as well as activists from a number of regional Marxist groups and militant trade unions. In 2018, representatives of the all-Russian movement “Labor Russia” and the New Communist Movement entered the OKP.

Carlos Rafael Faria Tortos, Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic
of Venezuela to the Russian Federation.
Photos: OKP
During the work of the Third Congress, the credentials committee recognized the authority of all 72 elected delegates representing the party organizations of the Central Federal District, the North-West, the Far East, the Urals, the Volga region, Crimea and Siberia. 
Darya Mitina, OKP Secretary for International Relations
The congress was greeted by representatives of participating foreign delegations — from the Popular Front of Italy ( Fronte Popolare), the Pole of Communist Revival in France (PRCF), and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela ( PSUV). Letters of greeting to the congress delegates were sent by the communist, left, workers’ parties and organizations of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the Lugansk People’s Republic, Turkey, Greece, France, Denmark, Syria, the USA, and Western Sahara. 
OKP First Secretary V.I. Lakeev addresses the Congress.
The delegates expressed special enthusiasm during the speech of Carlos Rafael Faria Tortos, Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the Russian Federation, who had specially come to us. The distinguished guest spoke in detail about the current situation of his people, who are facing the threat of direct imperialist violence, and expressed gratitude to all progressive forces of Russia for their solidarity with Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution. 
Jane Letova, New Communist Movement/OKP
The Third Congress of the OKP was welcomed by our compatriots. Applause greeted the statement of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party, V.A. Tyulkin, on readiness to work toward the unification of the OKP and the RKRP into one party. Comrades Leonid Razvozzhaev (Left Front), Yaroslav Sidorov (“Communists of Russia”), and Oleg Bulaev (Revolutionary Workers’ Party) called for closer cooperation and unity in action. 
V.A. Tyulkin, First Secretary of Russian Communist Workers’ Party
The congress heard reports of the Central Committee and the Central Audit Commission of the OKP on work for the period 2016-2019, which were made by the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the party V.I. Lakeev and the chairman of the CAC A.P. Schegolev. At the end of the debate, during which communists from many regions of Russia spoke, the work of the previous Central Committee was deemed satisfactory, and the report of the Central Audit Commission was approved.

As a result of internal party discussion, the congress made some changes and additions to the Program and Charter of the United Communist Party. 

The congress adopted resolutions on the current situation and on the unification of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party and the United Communist Party. A statement was also adopted in defense of the anti-fascists of Lithuania, “Freedom to Algirdas Paleckis!” 

A new Central Committee and Central Audit Commission of the party were elected by secret ballot at the Congress. 


The Presidium of the Central Committee of the OKP was elected at the first organizational plenum of the Central Committee held at the end of the Congress. It consists of: First Secretary of the Central Committee — V.I. Lakeev; Secretaries of the Central Committee — A. Yu. Baranov, K.E. Vasilyev, D.V. Sommer, I.I. Komolov, D.A. Mitina, A.I. Porotikov, S.A. Ruzanov, I.B. Smorgonsky, S.I. Seregin; Members of the Presidium — D.A. Budkevich, S.F. Dovgal, D.S. Zykov, S.Ya. Ivannikov, I.D. Finogeev.

V.V. Kalnin was elected Chair of the Central Auditing Commission. Deputy Chairman — A.P. Schegolev. 

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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