Russian communist youth affirm solidarity with Venezuela

Representatives of the Union of Communist Youth (SCM) and United Communist Party (OKP) of Russia met with the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and presented this statement of support to the people of Venezuela and their leader, President Nicolas Maduro. On Jan. 28, the SCM and United Communist Party joined other left forces for a Hands Off Venezuela rally outside the Venezuelan Embassy. 

Statement on the attempt of imperialist forces to carry out a coup d’etat in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

The Union of Communist Youth expresses its ardent support to the people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and their leader, legitimate President Nicolas Maduro Moros. We are outraged by the brazen attempt of the Empire to overthrow the government, which expresses the interests of the common people.

In recent days, the whole world has witnessed a cynical special operation by anti-people forces aimed at seizing power in Venezuela. The administration of Donald Trump instantly recognized as “president” an unelected adventurer — who is known to have studied and lived in the United States — as soon as he declared himself “acting” head of state, without any legal basis.

This is a clear indication that the Empire may at any time arbitrarily declare one of its agents to be the president of any country. It is also further confirmation of the obvious truth that Washington’s current policy is striving for unrestricted colonial dictatorship in the interests of the global financial oligarchy.

After its inability to overthrow the Bolivarian Government by more “quiet” means and the failure of the villainous attempt to assassinate the legitimate president, the attempted imposition of a self-proclaimed puppet appointed in Washington as the new “leader of the country” has caused outrage around the world.

What has happened in recent years in a number of Latin American countries, such as Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, suggests that the local bourgeoisie, closely associated with the global oligarchy, is desperately trying to curb the popular struggle, by any possible means. The question is raised in an extremely sharp way — either the complete elimination of the possessing class and fundamental structural transformation of the national economy on a scientific planned basis in the interests of the working people, or ruthless revenge by the class enemy. Now is the time of decision for the people’s power of Venezuela.

In these critical conditions, the SCM affirms its respect and declares its solidarity with you. Despite the fierce opposition of the global oligarchy and the homegrown parasitic class, the Venezuelan people once again elected you as their president, and you recently officially took office for another term. This is evidence that, despite all the difficulties, the people continue to be faithful to the ideals of the Bolivarian Revolution and to honor the memory of its immortal leader, Hugo Chávez Frías.

SCM is fully confident that you, your comrades, and the people of the Republic will be able to meet the battle for independence imposed by the empire and survive. And let the victory over the presumptuous class enemy become another significant milestone on the road to further socialist transformations!

No pasarán!

Death to world imperialism!
The Bolivarian Revolution is invincible!

Long live the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela!

Chairperson of the Union of Communist Youth,
D. Sommer

January 26, 2019

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