Borotba: Real and fake anti-fascists in Ukraine

January 19 – Day of remembrance, usurped by hypocrites

By Borotba (Struggle)

On January 19, 2009, neo-Nazis committed the murder of anti-fascists Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova in Moscow.

Bright memory to these honest and courageous people!

The Ukrainian anti-fascist resistance had always been heterogeneous and, it seemed, often a conglomerate of people with very different political views. However, for significant political actions and events (in particular, the actions of remembrance and solidarity on January 19), we managed to compromise and put ideological differences aside.

But everything changed after 2014. That January 19 was the last joint event for anti-fascists and “anti-fascists.”

In Ukraine, a civil war began, inspired from the outside, by forces interested in setting once fraternal peoples against each other. Part of the ruling class was able to consolidate around itself foolish inhabitants, outspoken Nazis and “anti-fascist” hypocrites.

Only a completely politically illiterate “political activist” could fail to understand the driving forces and motives of the anti-Ukrainian action called “the revolution of dignity” [as the Euromaidan movement was known]. But Ukrainian “anti-fascists” were active extras in the crowd fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Nazis for the impoverishment of the peoples of Ukraine and colonization of the heritage of the former USSR.

We despise you shameful bastards and remember the deeds and words of EVERYONE from your worthless flock.

You disgrace the name of anti-fascists and are a temporary historical misunderstanding.

Real anti-fascists do not recognize the current anti-people government and fight it on all fronts. Greeks, Spaniards, Germans, Italians, Americans, British, French and many others are in solidarity with us. You, on the other hand, have become a blunt instrument of the bloody parasites and cheap attendants of the usurpers, oppressors of the working class of the peoples of Ukraine.

You bear the historical responsibility for the war crimes of the regime, for the surrender of the interests of the people and for the lives of thousands of dissident citizens.

Payback time will inevitably come.

¡No pasarán!


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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