Borotba on Zakharchenko assassination: ‘This cannot break our will to resist’

Unable to win in open battle – they attack from behind!

Statement of Borotba (Struggle) 

September 1, 2018

The tragic news from Donetsk plunged millions of people around the world into shock. The killing of one of the key figures of the resistance, which began in 2014, is a powerful blow to the entire anti-fascist movement of the Donbass and Ukraine.

We are sure that sooner or later all the details of the preparation and organization of the assassination of the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic will be uncovered. However, to understand who the culprit is, it is sufficient to answer the question, “Who benefits?” 

Alexander Zakharchenko

Alexander Zakharchenko was an implacable fighter against Ukrainian neo-fascism and oligarchy, a figure legitimizing the Minsk accords. Moreover, he was a symbol.

Everyone needs to realize: the struggle against neo-fascism can end in only two ways: either we win, or we will be defeated!

Our enemies use the dirtiest methods — murders, arrests, torture! But this cannot break our will to resist!

Alexander Zakharchenko was a real man, a people’s leader, a brave person, a fighter! We are sure that the greatest reward for this man will be the continuation of our struggle! Our common struggle against neo-Nazism and the oligarchy! For democracy and social justice!

The struggle continues!

Victory will be ours!


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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