Transnistria: Free communist leader Oleg Horzhan!

Translator’s note: Transnistria (also known as the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic) is an “unrecognized” state in Eastern Europe. Transnistria’s people proclaimed independence from Moldova in 1992, rejecting the capitalist counter-revolution in the USSR and abandonment of Soviet norms. The Communist Party of Transnistria has been a leading political organization in the republic since its founding.

In 2016, oligarchic forces seized control of the state. The new authorities banned the traditional May Day demonstration this year. In response, communist leader and member of parliament Oleg Horzhan called for a protest rally in the central square of the capital, Tiraspol, on June 2. The government organized provocations and arrested many people. On June 6 Horzhan was stripped of his parliamentary immunity and arrested.

Free Oleg Horzhan and the other political prisoners! 

Hands off the Communist Party of Transnistria! 
Communist Oleg Horzhan speaking at a rally in Tiraspol, Transnistria, on June 2.

Oleg Horzhan: I received a call saying they will deprive me of immunity at the next meeting of the Supreme Council in Tiraspol

By Christina Pendya 

June 5: Deputy of the Supreme Council of Transnistria Oleg Horzhan appealed to Moldovan and foreign authorities in connection with massive violations of human rights in Transnistria, reports TRIBUNA.

The MP referred to the arrests of people who participated in a protest rally, organized in Tiraspol on June 2.

“Eight times I asked the Transnistrian administration to let us hold this rally. Every time I was denied. On the last appeal of May 18, I received no reply. In accordance with the law, if we do not receive an answer, this means that we have the right to hold this meeting. On June 2, we gathered in the square in Tiraspol. Local police came and detained most of the participants, and even those who simply watched or listened,” Oleg Horzhan said. 

The deputy notes that the authorities asked him to draw up a protocol in which it was stated that the organizers were guilty of holding the rally, and he agreed.

“Old people, women with children and just spectators were arrested. I signed this protocol and left the police station. Subsequently, I learned that people were arrested and that they were beaten. I came to the station and asked that they be treated humanely. They drove me away and told me not to appear again. Yesterday all day there were sessions of court. The first started only at 14:00. Until now, we cannot get a full list of those arrested,” the deputy said.

Oleg Horzhan said that he began to receive threats. “I got a call to say that at the next meeting of the Supreme Council in Tiraspol they will deprive me of immunity. I know that they will make a case against me, and then I will be arrested. I appeal to national and international authorities to intervene in this situation,” Oleg Horzhan said. 

Call for the June 2 rally in Tiraspol.
Graphic: Communist Party of Transnistria

Transnistria detained a deputy of the Supreme Council

June 6: In Transnistria, the leader of the Communist Party was detained.

A deputy of the Supreme Council of Transnistria, Oleg Horzhan, was detained during today’s meeting of the legislature. This was reported by Transnistrian deputy Alexei Safonov.

“A few minutes ago, the deputies unanimously voted in favor of approving the request of prosecutors to hold the deputy of the Supreme Council to account. The reason is violation of the law during a June 2 public rally,” said Alexei Safonov, writes

Earlier, Oleg Horzhan stated that provocations were being prepared at the rally organized to accuse him of violating the current laws, of extremist activity and organizing riots.

The son of deputy Oleg Horzhan was arrested yesterday in the same case for 14 days.


Hands off Horzhan! 

Grigory Petrenko, leader of Our Home is Moldova (Red Bloc) and former political prisoner of the Moldovan oligarchy, now living in exile in Germany, issued this statement on social media June 6:

The authorities in Tiraspol have the same manners as their partner Plahotniuc in Chisinau [capital of Moldova].

Here, in the opinion of the Transnistrian authorities, it looks like extremism and mass riots.

Oleg Horzhan is one of the few oppositionists who are not afraid to openly come out with political and social demands!

June 2 rally in Tiraspol.

Many activists are detained and persecuted after a peaceful rally. Force was applied against Horzhan himself.

Today the Supreme Council has removed from Oleg parliamentary immunity from prosecution.

In Chisinau, however, there is no reaction, although it is a question of citizens of Moldova. The joint business schemes of Plahotniuc-Sheriff [Transnistria’s largest private company] continue to work, new business projects are on the way, Dodon filled his mouth with his favorite tea in his mouth and does not twitch.

I support Oleg Horzhan, whatever they say or write about him now.

Hands off Horzhan!

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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