Venezuela: Communists from eight countries together support Maduro for May 20 vote

On a proposal of the Popular Front (Italy), communists from Italy, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, United States, Russia, Ukraine and Mali signed a joint declaration of support for the candidacy of Nicolás Maduro for the Presidency of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the presidential elections of Sunday, May 20. The text of the declaration follows.

On May 20, the Venezuelan people are called to vote in the presidential elections. Once again, the homeland of Bolívar and Chávez is called to mobilize in support of the revolutionary process and to confirm its willingness to build a socialist society. The permanent economic war unleashed by U.S. imperialism and its allies against the government of President Nicolás Maduro continues to seriously harm the living conditions of Venezuelans, but without succeeding in extinguishing their determination. Attempts to isolate the Bolivarian Government on the international stage continue to fail thanks to the trust and support that Chavismo has gained from revolutionaries, progressives and sincere democrats throughout the world.

The socialist transformation of Venezuelan society is the only way to guarantee Venezuela a dynamic and productive economic and social system, independent and capable of responding to the deep aspirations of workers and employees. Only socialism is able to consolidate and extend the institutions of Bolivarian participatory democracy as a condition for guaranteeing the full development of popular power.

The government of President Maduro, in the difficult years following the death of Commander Chávez, has assumed the task of carrying out this strategic choice. The Revolution has made Venezuela a protagonist in the history of the 21st century and a source of hope for the whole of humanity, stifled by economic crisis, authoritarianism and the generalization of war caused by capitalism. The strengthening of the Revolution and the construction of a socialist society in Venezuela are more than ever of strategic importance for the liberation struggles of the working class all over the world.

Convinced of all this, we address the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the Communist Party of Venezuela and their allies with our fraternal greetings, and we express our full support to President Maduro for the electoral contest that, we are sure, will see him achieve victory. We confirm our full support for the Bolivarian Revolution and commit ourselves to renew our solidarity in the struggle against any attempt, internal or external, to disavow the free and sovereign expression of the Bolivarian people.

¡Patria es humanidad!

Signatory organizations:

Popular Front (Italy)

La Città Futura (newspaper – Italy)

Communist Party (Switzerland)

Communist Renaissance Pole in France (France)

British Workers’ Party (Great Britain)

Borotba (Ukraine)

Workers World Party (USA)

United Communist Party (Russia)

African Solidarity for Democracy and Independence (Mali)


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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