Victory Day 2018: Communists hold Red Ribbon action in St. Petersburg

May 9, 2018, St. Petersburg (Leningrad): To celebrate Victory Day, activists of the United Communist Party (OKP) held a “Red Ribbon” action. 

Photos: OKP
Unlike in previous years, ribbons of the Victory Banner and party leaflets explaining the meaning of the action were distributed not just to passers-by at metro stations, but to residents who came to participate in the “Immortal Regiment” procession on Nevsky Prospekt. 

In less than an hour, several thousand ribbons and leaflets were given out. They were accepted by people of different generations, from children to veterans, with thanks. People immediately put on the ribbons. They asked about the organizers and read the leaflets with interest. 

Press service of the St. Petersburg City Committee of the OKP

#ОКП #коммунисты #День_Победы #Бессмертный_полк 


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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