Moldovan authorities obstruct mayoral campaign of anti-fascist Alexander Roshko

Representatives of the political party Our Home is Moldova issued a statement about the obstacles that the current authorities are erecting against the party’s candidate for mayor of Chisinau, Alexander Roshko.* The statement was published on the party’s official website. 

They do not protect you! Freedom of assembly for the people!
Vote for Alexander Roshko
We publish the text of the statement in full:

The political party Our Home is Moldova and our candidate in the general election for mayor of the capital, Alexander Roshko, face an unprecedented situation related to the refusal of the banking institution BC “Exim-Bank” to open an electoral account.

Since last week, representatives of BC “Exim-Bank” have used flimsy pretexts to delay the decision to open the account, as well as requiring documents not provided for by law for this procedure. Informally, representatives of the bank’s management make it clear that they do not want any checks connected with the party headed by Grigory Petrenko, who received the status of a political refugee in Germany. Representatives of the bank also warn that even if the party’s election account is opened, they will be forced to send data on all campaign sponsors to the NAC to check for money laundering.

The absence of an electoral account makes it impossible to hold campaign activities, produce election materials, or conduct visual agitation. In fact, unequal conditions have been created for all competitors in the election from the beginning.

We condemn the actions of the management of BC “Exim-Bank,” who are obstructing the opening of the electoral account of Our Home Moldova and its candidate in the election for mayor of the capital. We are sure that behind these directed actions is the oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, who controls the entire banking system and the National Bank of Moldova. 

We intend to apply to the Central Election Commission and the district electoral council of Chisinau with the demand to create equal conditions in the elections, obliging BC “Exim-Bank” to open the electoral account of the mayoral candidate from the party Our Home is Moldova.

We appeal to international organizations, the EU delegation to Moldova, the Council of Europe office in Chisinau, the OSCE Mission, other diplomatic missions accredited in Moldova, as well as to election observers, to respond to the ongoing arbitrariness with the participation of controlled banking institutions. 

Translator’s note: Alexander Roshko is a revolutionary socialist and antifascist. He was one of the Petrenko Group political prisoners jailed after an anti-oligarchy protest in 2015. His campaign for mayor of Chisinau emphasizes the struggle against the capitalist oligarchy and for the rights of working people.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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