Moscow protest hits fascist march in NATO member Latvia

On March 16, a series of single pickets took place at the Latvian embassy in Moscow against the policy pursued by the Latvian government, a member of the NATO military alliance. 

Photos: Communist Youth Union
Today in Riga, Latvia, just like every March 16 since 1994, there was a march of former SS Legionnaires, members of various nationalist organizations from all over the Baltic states, and members of the Latvian parliament, who as always were in the forefront of the march. All this goes by the name “Memorial Day of Latvian Legionnaires” — a holiday justified by “the struggle for the independence of the Latvian people against Bolshevism,” while denying the crimes committed by this formation.

The position of our government in this situation is interesting. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation sent a note of protest to Latvia, but our application to hold a mass picket against this event in Moscow was not allowed. 

As a result, as it turns out, if in 2016 there was a mass picket as in previous years, in 2017 the mass picket was not allowed, but a series of simultaneous single pickets was held, and this year that was not allowed, then in 2019 … apparently nothing will be permitted at all. 

The Communist Youth Union (SCM), United Communist Party (OKP) and the Other Russia took part in the single pickets.

Meanwhile, in Riga itself, at the very end of the march route at the “Monument of Freedom,” a group of several dozen of anti-fascists met the column of legionnaires behind a fence, with posters in English, Russian and Latvian: “They fought for Adolf Hitler,” “They killed the Jews,” “Hitler’s henchmen at work” (with a picture of an execution). There were no arrests of activists. 

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