Solidarity with women of Donbass at New York IWD march

International Women’s Day in New York

By I.B. Khlebnikov Workers’ University, Russia

On March 10 our comrades from Workers World Party participated in a march of solidarity and struggle for equality, internationalism and peace with the International Working Women’s Day Coalition. “To Resist is Justified” – this was the main slogan of the march.

Photos: Greg Butterfield
Why do women workers and all progressive people need to fight? The opinion has been widely established that the problem of gender equality had long been solved in the West. Such events show that this is just a myth. Workers World Party came out to express gratitude to all women who fought against capitalism, oppression and injustice, and to show that resistance to capitalism, racism and sexism is still going on. Women workers of the world must fight against all forms of exploitation and violence, against wars and imperialism, which are especially damaging to women, and thus to the future of all humankind. 

Our comrades expressed their support and solidarity with the Donetsk Women’s Educational Club “Aurora.” Another world is possible. Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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