How Ukraine prepares ‘cleansing’ of Donbass: Odessa survivor Alexey Albu

The course has not changed: Ukrainian authorities are preparing to cleanse the Donbass

March 12: Union Borotba (Struggle) coordinator Alexey Albu, appearing on the Russian political talk show “Time Will Tell,” stated that the Ukrainian authorities have a clear goal of cleansing the Donbass [of anti-fascists and the Russian-speaking population] and are preparing for it.

Alexey noted that this work is being carried out by different methods, both through information warfare and recruitment by the Security Service of Ukraine and GUR of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry of people who fled the horrors of the war in 2014. In this way, Ukraine creates an intelligence-sabotage network in the Donbass:

“This work is conducted not only with Ukrainian bloggers. It is a question of the recruitment by the Security Service and the Chief Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine of people who return from Ukraine to the Donbass. When the fascists say that they will kill, believe them! They really will kill. We can see how this could happen in the Donbass, as it happened on May 2, 2014, in Odessa.

“This (“leak” of information about Poroshenko’s meeting with bloggers – ed.) is a message to the extremist part of the population of Ukraine, who are openly told: we remember our main goal and do not refuse to cleanse the Donbass,” Albu said.

Union Borotba 


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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